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Introduction to Creative Water Solutions
The story about how CWS co-founders David and Vance made the leap from Sphagnum moss healing wounds in World War I to using it to treat water in multiple industries.

PoolMoss® Brochure
PoolMoss® treated pools have remarkable water clarity, air quality and swimming comfort. Swimmers and bathers report fewer breathing issues, burning eyes, skin discomfort and more enjoyable experience.

SpaMoss® Brochure
SpaMoss® brings a truly new level of ease and enjoyment to your spa. Harnessing the natural power of Sphagnum moss, SpaMoss® does the same thing for pools and spas that it does for lakes, streams, and rivers.

Salt Generator Brochure
Hypochlorous acid “salt” generators and PoolMoss® were made for each other. Depending on the chemical composition of the local water, a lot of scale can accumulate between the plates, requiring acid washing or costly replacement.

Breakaway® Flush for Home Spas Brochure
See the benefit of flushing your home spa.

PoolMoss® Pro for Ponds Brochure
PoolMoss® Pro brings the power of Sphagnum moss to the commercial ponds. In addition to providing a new level of enjoyment for users, it also reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with maintenance and service issues.

Case Studies and Testimonials

PoolMoss® and SpaMoss® Testimonials
Whether you purchased your home pool or spa for entertainment, relaxation, or health, see how using PoolMoss® and SpaMoss® helps make less work and more fun out of your investment in your leisure time.

PoolMoss® and SpaMoss® Brief Testimonials
Read some of our user’s feedback using PoolMoss® or SpaMoss® in their pool or spa.

Product Specifications and Manuals

CWS Home Pool and Spa Products and Specifications
A catalog of CWS pool, spa, fountain and pond products.

How to Use Breakaway® Flush on a Home Spa 
Step by step process of using Breakaway® flush to clean your home spa.

SpaStart™ and SpaMoss® Instructions
Flush, fill, balance, SpaMoss®, enjoy!

PoolStart™ Installation and PoolMoss®  Instructions
Installation, fill, balance, PoolMoss®, enjoy!  Use WinterMoss™ during the off season for an easier pool opening in the spring.

WinterMoss™ Instructions
Use WinterMoss™ during the off season for an easier pool opening in the spring – here’s how.

PoolMoss®  for Fountains Instructions
Installation and use instructions for fountains 0-10,000 gallons.

PoolMoss®  for Ponds Instructions
Installation and use instructions for ponds 0-10,000 gallons.

The Essentials
What products are compatible with PoolMoss® and SpaMoss® systems?  What are the basics of product use?  Find out here.

White Papers

White Paper: Effect of PoolMoss® on Salt Systems
Using PoolMoss® decreases the organic contamination on all the pool surfaces including the hypochlorous acid generating plates in a salt system and sand, glass or other media in the filter. Find out why in this white paper.

White Paper: Disinfection By-Products in Pools and Spas and PoolMoss® 
Using PoolMoss®  has been shown to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products in pools and spas.

White Paper: Pool Membranes and Liners and PoolMoss® 
Some pool membranes and liners ‘mysteriously’ degrade and fail before their expected useful life is over.  Learn some possible causes and how PoolMoss® and Breakaway® flush can extend the life of this investment in your pool.

White Paper: pH, Total Alkalinity, Chlorine and PoolMoss® 
PoolMoss®  helps water treatment chemicals work more efficiently and effectively so you use less.  Learn how in this white paper.

Dealers Only

Why Do I Want Moss in my Pool and Spa??  An Introduction to PoolMoss® and SpaMoss®
It’s not algae, folks!!  Watch a recorded webinar showing the use of Sphagnum moss in your personal pool or spa and its advantages.  

Welcome to The Moss’ residential dealer from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.

CWS Home Pool and Spa Products and Specifications
A catalog of CWS pool, spa, fountain and pond products.

Dealer Testimonial Video

Videos and Presentations

Moss Shorts 



Flushing your Spa with Breakaway® Flush
Here is a video showing all the steps for a proper spa Flush with Breakaway® Flush.

SpaNaturally-How to flush your spa from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.

Results of flushing your Spa with Breakaway® Flush
This is what comes out of your spa when flushing it with Breakaway® Flush. As you keep repeating the process, the amount of organic contamination will reduce.

Flushing your Spa with Breakaway® Flush from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.