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General Moss Questions

When removing the cover from a spa or pool, the unpleasant odors that you smell are caused by chloramines or combined chlorines. “Combined chlorine is formed by chlorine combining with ammonia and other nitrogen-containing organic compounds. Some sources of these compounds include perspiration, urine, saliva, and body oils. These combined forms of chlorine, also called chloramines, are still disinfectants, but they are 40 to 60 times less effective than free available chlorine (FAC). Chloramines kill slowly, so when they are formed in swimming-pool water, the FAC is no longer present for “instant kill” sanitation. FAC and combined chlorine exist together in many pools. There are simple tests to measure the levels of each. In addition to reduced effectiveness against bacteria, chloramines cause eye irritation and the so-called “chlorine odor” that swimmers complain about. Chloramines have a foul, irritating odor; free chlorine in water in normal concentration has no discernable odor.” (NSPF Pool-Spa Operators Handbook, 1990)

Users describe that the water feels like ‘liquid velvet’. The water is crisp and clear. It doesn’t leave skin feeling dry, discolor or dry out hair, discolor nails or swim clothing.

In a clean spa, our products start working quickly and continue to improve month after month. Our system has an accumulation of the conditioning effects – the water continues to improve significantly over time. Pool users who have replaced their media or cleaned their filters per instructions report noticing improvements in the water as early as five to seven days after implementing our systems.

If you have a more challenging system to begin with, the moss still gets to work immediately.  You may experience hazy water as accumulated organic contamination comes off of spa or pool pipes, surfaces and filters.  Use some clarifier and then backwash and/or clean filters often until the haziness subsides.  We call this ‘the transition period’ and it will pass – and the moss IS working.  There’s just a lot of unpleasant stuff that needs to get out of the system.

PoolMoss® and SpaMoss® systems are compatible with all sanitizers except for biguanides such as Baquasil®.

The shelf life of PoolMoss®  and SpaMoss® both for the dealer and the end user is not an issue. Our research has shown that the packaged product will stay effective indefinitely if stored dry, until exposed to the pool or spa water.

The appearance of the PoolMoss®/SpaMoss® may not change during the 30 days of usage, but our research shows its beneficial effects diminish at that point requiring replacement. We recommend getting in the habit of changing the refill at the beginning of each month.

Our system meets these “green” criteria as developed by “The Natural Step”:
a. Plant based
b. Sustainable production
c. Conserves and protects water
d. Less toxic than products currently available
e. Socially responsible.
Other than being sterilized, there are no manufacturing processes done to the moss plant after it is harvested. The moss itself is biodegradable.

The product dosing has been based on the concept that everyone can remember to change The Moss once a month. In some industrial applications, this general rule does not apply. Follow the instructions from your authorized dealer for your system/facility.

Our products are made from a very specific species of Sphagnum moss from among the hundreds of varieties. Sphagnum moss has been conditioning water in lakes, rivers, and ponds for centuries.

In our process, Sphagnum moss works much like a tea bag. The moss is placed inside a contact chamber, which allows it to interact and treat the pool/spa water. Once treated, the water helps reduce organic contamination, which is a primary catalyst for a host of common water issues.
At the same time, Sphagnum moss is releasing its own natural buffers into the water, which helps to naturally stabilize pH and alkalinity. It also binds metal ions (e.g. calcium, magnesium, iron), which helps diminish scaling and staining. Corrosion, DBP, and organic contamination are dramatically reduced.

Residential PoolMoss®

While CWS has not tested every variety of enzymes, we have found that they are generally compatible.

You do not flush a pool, but replacing your filter media before starting the system is highly recommended.  If media replacement isn’t going to be done, then at a minimum clean the existing media (or cartridge) with Breakaway® flush per instructions provided.  Also, in the northern climates, adding the PoolMoss® system at the beginning of the season is ideal.

Yes. Our research shows that it is compatible with borates, although the simplest water treatment system is small amounts of chlorine and PoolMoss®.

We recommend that the inflow water capture saddle clamp be installed between the pump and the filter. Then place the outflow returning conditioned water from the PoolStart™ kit as the last item inline as the water travels back to the pool via the discharge pipe.

Our research has demonstrated that the effects of the PoolMoss® system are maximized when we closely simulated the process that nature has evolved whereby the water passes slowly over the moss. This allows the water and the Sphagnum moss to interact efficiently to achieve the desired effects.
The water traveling through the standard piping system moves too fast to optimize this interaction. In addition, the moss, when installed inline, can cause undesirable back pressures that would shut down the system. The skimmer system does not have the capacity to accept the dosing required.

The PoolStart™ contact chamber, base, and installation instructions are included in the PoolStart™ kit.  Installation kit and PoolMoss® are sold separately.

This system works in conjunction with ozone. Some conflict may develop between the ozone and the powerful buffers from PoolMoss® causing destabilization of the pH. If your pH readings become erratic, we recommend disabling the ozonator. It should be noted that most ozonators have an effective operating life of 18 to 24 months without replacing the cartridge.

Residential SpaMoss®

While CWS has not tested every variety of enzymes, we have found that they are generally compatible.

When covered, the air between the spa or pool water and the cover becomes laden with chemicals that volatilize or cause a solid to be changed into a vapor. Oxidizers (chlorine, bromine, ozone) by their nature are destructive. Ozone is the worst culprit. They chemically attack the vinyl.

It is a common misconception that foaming in spa water is caused by laundry detergent from users’ swim suits/clothes. It is not. In fact, laundry detergent is designed to produce little foam so that it doesn’t flow out of your clothes washing machine. We believe that organic contamination in water causes a film over the air bubbles formed by the jets of water or other water churning activity.  Reduce that organic contamination load, and the result is crystal clear, crisp water with bubbles that pop as they reach the surface.

Consumers report that water changes using this system are performed every six months or more depending upon frequency of use and personal preferences.

Our research demonstrates that tap water quality can vary widely based on the source, geographic location, and even the time of day tested. The filter removes many of these inconsistencies and allows for a more uniform water quality, thus simplifying the start up process.

All brand new spas coming from the manufacturer are tested with water at the factory to assure that all systems are operational. Residue can collect in the many tubes and jets of the spa after this testing. Our research has shown that removing this residue is necessary to avoid many of the water quality hassles that spa owners experience.
Breakaway® flush is included in the SpaStart™ kit because it enhances the performance of our SpaMoss® system and will provide you with the pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable experience you bought the spa for to begin with.

Each SpaStart™ kit includes one bottle of Breakaway® Flush to clean the spa, a carbon and KDF StartNaturally® filter to connect to the end of the hose for the final spa fill (and topping off after use), and two SpaMoss® packs.

Industrial ProMoss™

ProMoss™ is currently being certified by NSF as a Non-Food Compound in G5 category (registration number pending), making it suitable for use in cooling and retort water in all areas. Our contact chambers and PoolMoss®/SpaMoss® brands are NSF 50 certified. Additionally, under the trade name, MossNaturally™, our products are NSF 61 listed as well.

To date, ProMoss™ has demonstrated benefits in the operation of cooling towers, passivation of cooling towers, hot and cold water loops, boiler systems, steam generators, quench tanks, various kinds of process water, oil removal, and waste water treatment. Ponds and fountains on corporate and college campuses, in and around retail shopping areas, golf courses, apartments, etc. can benefit from ProMoss™ treatment as well.
Have a water system not named here? Contact us and we would be happy discuss your situation and a possible product trial.