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Introduction to Creative Water Solutions
The story about how CWS co-founders David and Vance made the leap from Sphagnum moss healing wounds in World War I to using it to treat water in multiple industries. 

PoolMoss® Pro Brochure
Features and benefits of using PoolMoss® – in a nutshell, THIS is why you need The Moss.

PoolMoss® Pro for Ponds Brochure
PoolMoss® Pro brings the power of Sphagnum moss to the commercial ponds. In addition to providing a new level of enjoyment for users, it also reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with maintenance and service issues.

Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon Brochure
Find out the benefits of using Catalytic Granular Activated Carbon to remove combined chlorine from makeup water.

The Latest Study on Adverse Health Effects of DBP
New Report on the Adverse Health Effects of Disinfection Byproducts in Swimming Pools and Spas.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Six Flags America & Hurricane Harbor Testimonial
Vince Cuilla, Director, Maintenance & Construction, provides a testimonial about his experience with PoolMoss® Pro and Main Line Commercial Pools (King of Prussia, PA). 

Case Study: University of Maryland, College Park, MD 

Case Study: Salvation Army Kroc Center, PA

Case Study: Spring Valley YMCA, PA 

Case Study: Split Rock Resort – Indoor Waterpark, Lake Harmony, PA 

Product Specifications and Manuals

Breakaway® Air Scour and Regenerative Filter Process: Why and How
Describes the benefits and process of air scouring several types of filter systems with Breakaway® flush.

Breakaway® Air Scouring: Step by Step with Photos
Shows how to easily install and use the Breakaway® Air Scour system to air scour a traditional sand filter.

Specification Sheet CC-80-90-140-150

Specification Sheet CC-STL-STM-STxS-F

PoolMoss® Pro Dosing 
Sample dosing for lap, activity, therapy pools, etc.

CWS Product Installation and Water Management Guide v2.42
Included with every contact chamber, the standard operating procedures for commercial pools and spas with PoolMoss® Pro. Contains product installation diagrams, parts lists and guidelines, as well as instructions for proper water management with PoolMoss® Pro.

White Papers

White Paper: Salt Systems for Pool and Spa Disinfection/Sanitization and PoolMoss® Pro
Salt generation systems (chlorine generation systems) are a popular sanitizing choice with known challenges that are costly.  Learn how PoolMoss® Pro can extend the life of the salt cell and help reduce chlorine demand.

White Paper: Disinfection By-Products in Pools and Spas and PoolMoss® Pro
Using PoolMoss® Pro has been shown to reduce the formation of disinfection by-products in commercial pool

White Paper: Pool Membranes and Liners and PoolMoss® Pro
Some pool membranes and liners ‘mysteriously’ degrade and fail before their expected useful life is over.  Learn some possible causes and how PoolMoss® and Breakaway® flush can extend the life of this investment in your pool.

White Paper: pH, Total Alkalinity, Chlorine and PoolMoss® Pro
PoolMoss® Pro helps water treatment chemicals work more efficiently and effectively so you use less.  Learn how in this white paper.

Dealers Only

Pool Site Assessment form
Commercial Dealer tool for gathering and storing information about a facility, which will assist with dosing and any future trouble shooting.

Dealer Testimonial Video

Dosage Calculator
Dosage Calculator (for Dealers, password required)

Videos and Presentations

Welcome to the Moss – for Commercial Facility Owners and Operators
Slides from a presentation to commercial facility owners and operators about benefits of using the moss, how to use the moss and why to use the moss. 

Moss Shorts 


Welcome to the Moss 
Recorded webinar of the history and development of Sphagnum moss from the laboratory to commercial market place.

Welcome to the Moss from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.

Air Scour – Why we do it
Recorded webinar discussing the biology of organic contamination build up in water features and the effect on the overall biology of the water and the filter.

Air Scour Process, How it’s done
Recorded webinar showing the procedure and equipment used to remove up 90% of the organic contamination in your media filter.

The Air Scour Process_ How It_s Done from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.

PoolMoss® Pro and Waterpark Water

PoolMoss® Pro and Waterpark Water from Creative Water Solutions on Vimeo.