Residential Pool Maintenance

Spring Start Up/Opening

  • Install the PoolMoss® system at the beginning of the pool season for best results
  • Start with a fresh filter. Remove filter media (sand, DE) and replace with fresh media; or replace (ideal) or wash cartridge filters
  • Adjust pH, alkalinity, hardness, free available chlorine (FAC), and cyanuric acid (CYA) to recommended levels:
Free chlorine 1-3 ppm
pH 7.2-7.6
Alkalinity 40-120
Hardness 150-400
CYA less than 20ppm*

Once water has been balanced, add PoolMoss® to PoolStart™ contact chamber according to the dosage chart. The first season you use PoolMoss®, check and clean filter or backwash filter weekly the first month.  As material is shed from the pipes and pool surface, it will collect on/in filters and needs to be removed

*if CYA levels in your pool are over 20ppm, consider partially draining and refilling pool to dilute it.

Routine Maintenance

  • PoolMoss® dosing has been designed for best results when PoolMoss® is changed once a month
  • Maintain 1-3 ppm of free chlorine.  Use chlorine that is NOT stabilized with cyanuric acid (CYA).
  • Monitor pH, alkalinity, hardness, FAC, CYA, and free chlorine weekly with test strips or take water samples to your local pool retailer
  • Clean your filters in a regular basis by keeping them in water and breakaway®
Dirty filters from pool
Filters in water and breakaway®
Rinsing filters to remove breakaway®
Before and after cleaning filters


During Other Pool Maintenance

When backwashing, hyper-chlorinating, shocking, or using algaecide, close the inflow and outflow valves to the contact chamber. Reopen valves when chlorine levels return to 1-3 ppm free chlorine or algaecide dissipates.

Maintenance at the End of the Season (for cooler climates)

Take appropriate winterizing steps for the whole pool system.  Completely empty water from the contact chamber and remove the PoolMoss®.  For easier spring opening, use WinterMoss® to treat any water remaining in the pool.

PoolMoss® Dosage Chart