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  • Change moss every 30 days.  After first month, use PoolMoss® for fountains Maintenance dose.
  • When changing PoolMoss® for fountains: remove old moss from contact chamber and replace with new moss. Insert contact chamber back into fountain.
  • If winterizing your fountain, simply remove the contact chamber, dispose or compost moss contents, and clean and store contact chamber.
  • If treating the fountain with algaecide or shock or chlorine levels above 5 ppm, remove contact chamber from water before treatment and re-install after algaecide dissipates or sanitizer levels return to below 5 ppm.
  • Do not change water in the fountain unless water quality requires. PoolMoss® conditions water over time, and if the water is changed, you are removing much of what has been put into the water.
  • When water is changed, change the PoolMoss® as well for best results.

Storage and Handling

  • Keep PoolMoss® dry until use
  • PoolMoss® for fountains Starter and Maintenance doses are good for fountains up to 10,000 gallons
  • To treat fountains 10,000 gallons +, see our Fountain Products

Getting Started

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