Cooling Towers

The cooling tower is one of the most critical and commonly encountered industrial water treatment systems. Of greatest concern is the water and chemical usage connected with cooling towers. Aside from the significant costs and toxicity related to standard treatments, cooling towers dump alarmingly high volumes of water, even during periods of minimal operation.  Chemical treatment and water dumping exist to stave off critical issues like corrosion and scale, but are also a standard of care that treats the symptom, and not the source. This pattern also leads to billions of gallons of potable water waste, and water supplies tainted by chemical introduction.

ProMoss™ for cooling towers offers a powerful, simple, and natural water treatment program that requires no installation or change to an existing cooling tower configuration. Using a simple contact chamber and the appropriate amounts of ProMoss™, any cooling tower (with an existing water basin) can experience the advantages and cost savings of ProMoss™.



Goals of cooling tower water treatment

  • Inhibit scale formation
  • Inhibit corrosion
  • Help maintain disinfection of water
  • Reduce water consumption while retaining heat exchange
  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize equipment life

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