Boiler systems typically feature closed recirculation, which is subject to many of the same issues associated with other water appliances and applications. As organic contamination spreads, it is carried and deposited in pipes, valves, heat exchangers, and other system components. This leads to advanced scaling and corrosion issues, which grossly affects system efficiency, performance, and cost effective operations.
Closed recirculating water systems can be very effectively treated with ProMoss™, which has created dramatic decreases to corrosion and scale formation in facility boilers. Simple installation places the contact chamber in the water loop of the boiler. ProMoss™ is changed on a schedule, and dosage is based on water volume in the boiler loop.
Integrating ProMoss™ in water boiler treatment promotes system efficiency and effectiveness. The system reduces:
• Organic Contamination in Boiler Pipes and Heat Exchangers
• Corrosion in Boiler Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Valves
• Scale Formation in Boiler Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Valves





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