SpaMoss® pack Details


Use SpaMoss to achieve:

  • Beautiful water clarity
  • Remarkable air quality (even when you lift the spa cover!)
  • Reduced scale and stains on spa surfaces
  • Reduced corrosion of spa pumps, seals, pillows and spa cover
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Less chemical usage

Use one SpaMoss pack per month for spas up to 450 gallons
Use two SpaMoss packs per month for spas up to 900 gallons


At the heart of SpaMoss® system is the SpaMoss® pack. All moss used is hand harvested as a wholly renewable resource without any damage to the environment. The moss is hand cleaned, compressed and packaged using no chemicals. The SpaMoss® pack conditions your spa water, creating a fresh, clear, foam-free environment for your enjoyment. Replace SpaMoss® packs every 30 days for best results.