David Knighton Biography


CWS (Creative Water Solution, LLC was founded in 2003 by Dr. David R. Knighton and Vance D. Fiegel, B.S. CWS was founded to commercialize the unique properties of certain species of Sphagnum moss to treat water.


Dr. David Knighton graduated from medical school at the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine at the University of Illinois, with postgraduate surgery studies at the University of California, San Francisco, where he later became Chief Resident Surgeon. He and Vance Fiegel share over 35 U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents for medical devices and consumer products.


Dr. Knighton and Mr. Fiegel have founded a number of companies utilizing their patents and related developments, including the following:


  • Curative Technologies, Inc. CTI was founded in 1984.       Using patented technologies, CTI established 200 wound care centers around the country, at which patients with non-healing wounds from diabetes, venous stasis, pressure sores and other etiologies were treated with growth factors released from their own platelets. Dr. Knighton served as Chairman of the Board through 1989 and served with the company through its initial public offering in 1991. Both Dr. Knighton and Mr. Fiegel served as consultants to CTI through 1995.
  • Embro Corporation, founded in 1991, is a research and development company where Dr. Knighton and Mr. Fiegel develop their innovative ideas and inventions.       Embro has capabilities in cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, and animal models. Currently it is involved in evaluating Sphagnum moss based applications related to biofilm, scale, and corrosion inhibition. Other work continues in the areas of vein harvesting and wound healing/stem cell approaches to cardiovascular and orthopedic diseases. Dr. Knighton is currently Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Fiegel is President and Chief Operating Officer.
  • Embro Vascular, LLC, of which Dr. Knighton is currently Chairman and Mr. Fiegel, is Vice President and Treasurer was established in 1998 to commercialize Embro Corporation’s patented endoscope and method for vein removal. The patented product was licensed to a company that was later purchased by Guidant and is presently owned and marketed by Maquet Cardiovascular, LLC and has over $130,000,000 in annual sales.
  • Creative Water Solutions, LLC (CWS) founded in 2003 to develop proprietary technologies derived from Sphagnum moss for water treatment. Dr. David Knighton is President and CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Governors.