Residential Pools

Moss makes pool care and balancing pool water chemistry less work.

PoolMoss® brings the power of Sphagnum moss to the residential pool. In addition to providing a new level of enjoyment for home users, it also reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with maintenance and service issues. Sized according to a pool’s water volume, the right number of PoolMoss® packs is easily determined and applied. The system starts with the easily installed PoolStart™ contact chamber, and PoolMoss®, which is easily changed on a monthly basis.

I was looking for a good alternative to high chlorine use.  The less I have to use in the water, the better it is for our son and for the rest of our family.  — Ed Townsend

Enjoy water that’s easier on your skin, the environment and pool accessories and equipment:

  • Less stain remover
  • Less scale remover
  • Less pool cleaners

The less work I had to do in maintaining the chemical stuff, the more time I had to enjoy relaxing in the water.  And that’s a good thing, too.  — Judy Soderberg

PoolMoss® Systems:

PoolMoss® brings the conditioning abilities of Sphagnum moss to your home pool.  The customized equipment is designed to circulate water through the moss, thus clarifying and conditioning the water naturally, which streamlines treatment processes and delivers remarkable results.



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