Maintaining excellent water quality in  waterparks is a difficult and costly endeavor. Extremely high bather loads, warm summer temperatures, large surface areas, multiple water features, high water displacement and evaporation, combine to challenge equipment and managers.  Once treated, PoolMoss® Pro helps reduce organic contamination, which is a primary catalyst for a host of common pool issues. At the same time, PoolMoss® Pro is releasing a buffer into the water, which helps to naturally stabilize pH and alkalinity. It also binds metal ions (e.g. calcium, magnesium, iron), which helps diminish scaling and staining. Corrosion, disinfection by-products, and organic contamination are dramatically reduced.

In our process, PoolMoss® Pro works much like a tea bag. PoolMoss® Pro is placed inside a contact chamber which allows it to interact and treat the pool water. For those waterparks with surge tanks, PoolMoss® Pro (which is enclosed in a mesh bag) is placed in a contact chamber, and lowered into the tank. The circulation of the pool is all that is needed to treat the water. PoolMoss® Pro is changed on a monthly cycle. The used PoolMoss® Pro is removed, and replaced with the new one. The contact chamber is lifted out of the surge tank, and re-submerged after the change is made. Our other method allows a contact chamber to be plumbed in. In this case, the contact chamber is installed in a “slipstream” application, so that water flow through the chamber can be controlled. PoolMoss® Pro is still changed monthly, and effects to air and water remain the same.


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